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The biggest name!

webmaster  2013.03.09. 13:03

Bonnie Tyler the biggest name of Eurovision’s history. Almost 40 years old career, numberless No.1 songs around the world. Bonnie again does new thing. Many artist would be famous after Eurovision, but nobody was already world famous superstar on Eurovision like Bonnie. Otherwise Bonnie Tyler doesn’t want to win – she said in a BBC Radio interview. She knows Eurovision votes always depends on political commitments of countries. But she believes in her European fans votes, and Bonnie will be happy if Believe In Me would be in TOP5. Bonnie Tyler says her Eurovision song, Believe In Me, was written over dinner with a friend in Nashville by famous Desmond Child. "He didn't know this was going to be in the Eurovision, it just so happened that the BBC heard my album and thought that this song was particularly good for the Eurovision Song Contest." Short interview with Bonnie about Eurovision, click here>>>

Here is the new album!

webmaster  2013.03.08. 08:40

Rocks & Honey is the sixteenth studio album by Bonnie Tyler. As the next album to be released after „Wings” in 2005, this has been the longest gap between album releases in Tyler's career. Tyler stated that she named the title of the album after referring to the contrast between her and duet partner, Vince Gill, as her voice sounding like rocks and his sounding like honey. Two songs have been written and produced by Desmond Child. This is the first time Tyler has worked with Child since 1988, on her „Hide Your Heart” album. Rocks & Honey was recorded in USA, Nashwille. There are 14 tracks on the album. One of them is radio version of „Believe In Me”. The track „Believe in Me” will represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, Sweden.

Bonnie Tyler on Eurovision!

bonnietyler.com  2013.03.07. 19:48

Bonnie Tyler will be representing the UK in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Bonnie will be performing the song Believe In Me, which was written by Desmond Child, Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide. The track was produced by David Huff. Bonnie says, “I am truly honoured and delighted to be able to represent my country at Eurovision, and especially with such a fabulous song. I promise to give this everything that I’ve got for the UK!” Katie Taylor, BBC Controller, Entertainment and Events says: “Bonnie Tyler is truly a global superstar with a fantastic voice and we are delighted she will be flying the flag for the UK in Malmö” The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Saturday 18th May in Malmö. Believe In Me music video>>>

New year started by new song

webmaster  2013.01.01. 15:18

Bonnie Tyler was one of star singers of German ZDF televison's New Year Show. Bonnie sang her two classics Holding Out For A Hero and Total Eclipse Of The Heart, and she presented her new song, called All I Ever Wanted. The song coming out in February - she said. Unfortunately we don't know, it will be only a single, or the full Rocks And Honey album. You can listen new song, and watch the concert here>>>

Bonnie Tyler again in commercial

webmaster; bonnietyler.over-blog.com  2012.11.02. 12:00

Bonnie Tyler has been in Los Angeles for more than 1 week now with her tour manager. Matthew Davis posted on his Facebook, they went to famous places such as Larrabee Sound Studios. They also went at Morning View Drive in Malibu for a shooting for Australia. Because Bonnie will be the face of Australia's first bank, Westpac Bank. The commercial will coming out after 18th November.

Bonnie exploded to Buda Palace

webmaster, photo: Tóth Ádám  2012.08.24. 18:43

Wonderful place, wonderful voice, wonderful audience. Each had to the perfect concert. Bonnie Tyler sang on Wednesday in Buda Palace, Budapest, Hungary on Unique Festival. Bonnie already showed on soundcheck, she is in great condiction. So the european fans were very excited about the show. The 1,5 hours live concert started with Have You Ever Seen The Rain. In that time the concert place, Savoyai-terrace was full with fans. And Bonnie did not dissapoint! She was dinamic, sometimes she run on the stage, or she stood on loudspeaker with one leg. Bonnie sang her biggest hits Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Holding Out For A Hero, It’s A Heartache, Lost In France, The Best, and also Amazed, or To Love Somebody. She commemorated with this song about Robin Gibb from Bee Gees. She said praise for great audience, and also fot amazing panorama of Budapest. After the concert she also wanted to a photo with Robert in front of this beautiful view of city. She answered my question, that she has never seen more beautiful place before. So, Bonnie was amazing at night, better that younger singers, she loves what she does, and we loved too. Thank you so much! Videos, photos>>>

Total Eclipse Of The Weight

webmaster; dailymail.co.uk  2012.05.15. 21:40

With a recent tour and recording a new album, Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler has been too busy to think about losing weight. But after the pounds crept on, the Holding Out For A Hero star decided to take action and go on a diet. After losing 1 1/2 stone over the past three months, the 60-year-old singer has regained her body confidence. Following years of covering up in dowdy black, Tyler is now able to showcase her slimmer figure in colourful silhouettes. The Total Eclipse Of The Heart hitmaker started the LighterLife Lite diet on February 5 and has already reached her target of losing one and a half stone. The eating plan meant Tyler could have one healthy meal a day, with foodpacks for lunch and dinner, with help from  weekly group sessions with fellow dieters. More>>>

Bonnie Tyler in Korea!

10asia.co.kr  2012.04.17. 17:08

Pop legends The Manhattans, Bonnie Tyler and Leo Sayer will come together for a joint concert in Korea next month, according to the show's promoter Music Compass on Tuesday. Their official website showed that the aforementioned world-renowned stars will grace the stage at the Grand Theatre in the Sejong Center in Seoul for their two-day concert "Forever Pop Concert 1.0" starting May 12. The officials added that the firms decided to co-host the joint concert with KBS Media in order to raise awareness of old pop music from the 1970s and 1980s. With the news of world-renowned stars' concert, this will mark Leo Sayer's second visit to Korea in ten years, while it will be The Manhattans and Bonnie Tyler's first official visit here. More>>>

New album is coming!

webmaster  2012.01.08. 11:42

Bonnie Tyler said, she will choose 10-12 songs in Nashville in January. These songs will be on her new album. This album will release on this summer. Bonnie did a huge concert in Moscow in December. Bu she will be back in Russia on the stage on March 3rd 5th and 7th. She will perfom new songs in Moscow for the first time.

Bonnie is still on toplist!

webmaster  2012.01.08. 11:41

The German RTL television did a list about the best 100 Best of albums. You can find Beatles, Queen, Bryan Adams, Modern Talking, Celine Dion in the first 20 places.  Bonnie Tyler is 34th on this list with The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler CD. So she get better place like Cher (The Greatest Hits 41st), Madonna (Something To Remember 43rd), Tina Turner (Simply the Best 49th), or Whitney Houston (Greatest Hits 79th). But Bonnie’s best of CD is standing better place like R.E.M., Freddie Mercury (in solo), Phil Collins, Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, Tom Jones, Guns 'n' Roses, or Bonnie’s big friend Meat Loaf. When this toplist came out, Bonnie’s album jumped to 59th position on amazon.de. In 1993, when The Very Best Of Bonnie Tyler album released, they sold more then 1 million copies, just in Germany. So, everybody can see, that Bonnie’s songs are timeless always yet.

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